…Elects new Clerical Synod Secretary

… Passes resolution to open her own MFB

On the 18th day of November 2023 will go down the history books as a memorable day for Diocese of Warri as she held a one-day synod, at St. James’ church, Oviorie Ovu.

The synod started with a Holy Eucharist service at 10am, with the Diocesan and President of Synod, His lordship, the Rt Rev’d. Christian Esezi Ide, JP, presiding. His lordship also delivered the sermon.
Theme: The Upward Way
Text: Genesis 28:12ff

He emphasized the need for the Diocese to move forward. He charged Synod delegates to resolve to be led by the Holy Spirit in the various areas we need to decide on today as the Diocese has no other option than to move to the next level.

“After the Eucharistic service, the plenary section immediately followed with the President of Synod presiding.”

The President of Synod informed the house of the need to gather for a day synod which is a practice in the Church of Nigeria, when there is an urgent issue that only synod can resolve.

Firstly, was the vacant office of the synod clerical secretary – this need arose due to the fact that the former synod clerical secretary in person of Ven. Dr Robinson Orido, has relocated to the United Kingdom with his family.

Secondly, the future of the Diocese in respect of having a sustainable investment that will benefit her.

His lordship also informed Synod that in line with the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) directive, all Dioceses are to be identified with the words ‘Diocese of’ preceding its name. As such, a resolution is needed to register the Diocese with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as the “Diocese of Warri” (Anglican Communion). Following a voice vote, Synod unanimously voted in support of the ratification.

The President of synod, made it known to synod that synod cannot continue, without the synod clerical secretary, who also is a principal signatory and an incorporated trustee of the Diocese. An election was conducted and the Rev’d Canon Peters Agamugoro, Ph.D was elected the new synod clerical secretary.

The next concern, focusing on the Diocese’s future and its pursuit of a sustainable investment for the benefit of the Diocese, involved a proposal to establish a Microfinance Bank. Numerous discussions and informative sessions were conducted on this matter. After an extensive deliberation, both the houses of clergy and laity unanimously agreed to proceed with establishing the Microfinance Bank.

The Rt Rev’d & Mrs C. E Ide, JP

The proposed name for the bank is ‘Divine Stairway Microfinance Bank, as given by the Diocesan and President of Synod. The Bishop charged the committee to proceed with the preparations and set out the modalities for the bank to swiftly takeoff.