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The Crest (or Logo) of the Diocese of Warri is a shield divided into two sections: an upper and a lower. The upper section carries three veritable symbols of Christianity worldwide, namely, the Cross, which is the Way of Salvation (in the center) an open Holy Bible, which is the Word of God (to the left), and (to the right) a Fish, that early pass‑word and identification mark of Christians and their assemblies in the early days of Roman Empire persecution. The lower section caries an Oil Rig (to the left) and a Palm Tree (to the right), both representing the abundant wealth of the geographical area of the Diocese. The fish is also a predominant article of merchandise and life‑support in the area. Surmounting the whole Shield is the Mitre (the Bishop’s Ceremonial Hat) representing the Episcopal dignity and authority of the Diocese vested in the Bishop as its Spiritual Head